'Karen' Accuses Black Delivery Man Of Stealing Her Jewelry In Viral TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman is being dubbed a "Karen" after video surfaced of her wrongly accusing a delivery worker of stealing jewelry out of one of her packages.

In the video, the woman appeared to yell at the delivery man over her missing items, specifically saying that she's "tempted to check his pockets" and call the police.

“You’re not f*****g going anywhere,” the woman told the delivery worker at one point during the video.

“I didn’t take the package,” the delivery man said.

“She needs to call Fetch and deal with Fetch. But she’s not going to threaten me. She’s not going to hit me. And if she touches me, I’m going to knock her out," he continued in front of bystanders.

The woman continued her rant as bystanders attempted to calm her down.

“You stole my jewelry out of this package. I am not happy,” the woman said. “Empty your f*****g pockets.”

“I’m not emptying nothing and I have to go. Can you please get her?” the man responded among bystanders. “If you touch me, I’m going to knock you out.”

The woman continued to harass the delivery worker, following him to the elevator.

The video ended with a bystander telling the woman to stop harassing the man and to get back in her house.

According to the delivery worker, the woman came to his job the following day saying "the person who stole her package should be hung.”

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