Rep. Jasmine Crockett Slams GOP For Ignoring Trump's Charges In Viral Video

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Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) called out Republicans for ignoring former President Donald Trump's criminal charges in a video that's gone viral.

Crockett's comments came on Thursday (September 28) amid the House Oversight and Accountability Committee's first hearing into President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. A formal investigation was launched last month after Republicans alleged the pair profited from foreign business deals.

In a now-viral video, Crockett delivered sharp criticism at the hearing to House Republicans for investigating Biden while turning a blind eye to “Trump’s shady business dealings with the Chinese government.”

The Texas Democrat cited a fact sheet from the Congressional Integrity Project, which outlined Trump’s financial dealings with China. Crockett slammed the Republicans for their laser focus on Hunter Biden over the allegations against the former president.

“If they would continue to say ‘if’ or ‘Hunter’ and we’re playing a drinking game, I would be drunk by now because I promise you, they have not talked about the subject of this, which would be the president,” Crockett said.

Crockett said she found it "disturbing" that no one could point to a crime that the president has committed. Witnesses called the hearing said there wasn't enough evidence to impeach Biden.

“I can’t seem to find the crime and no one has testified what crime they believe the president of the United States has committed,” she said.

Crockett accused Republicans of acting blind to the evidence against Trump, including documents found in his Mara Lago bathroom. She later listed off the former president's indictments and counts.

“These are our national secrets – looks like in the sh—er to me,” Crockett said.

“I will tell you what the President has been guilty of. He has unfortunately been guilty of loving his child unconditionally,” Crockett continued. “Until they find some evidence we need to get back to the people’s work, which means keeping this government open so that people don’t go hungry in the streets of the United States.”

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