Off-Duty Officer Shoots Black Neighbor Who He Thought Was Intruder

Photo: Getty Images

An off-duty highway patrolman in Houston shot at his Black neighbor, thinking he was an intruder, NBC News reports.

The shooting unfolded shortly after midnight on Friday (September 22) near the Houston Astros' Minute Maid Park. A 35-year-old man was shot through a closed door and was hit on his right shoulder.

State officials declined to name the shooter but identified him as an off-duty Texas Highway Patrol trooper. Assistant Houston Police Chief Yasar Bashir said the trooper thought "someone was trying to break into his apartment" on the fifth floor before he "discharged his weapon one time."

The trooper told police he gave the man "several commands" to get away before shooting him through the door, Bashir said.

"We don't know why he was at that apartment, but the initial assessment is that trooper believed he was trying to break in," the assistant police chief said, noting that the victim lives in the same building as the trooper.

The victim is expected to survive the shooting. The trooper sustained no injuries.

Houston police and the Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

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