Halle Bailey's Appearance At MTV Video Music Awards Fuels Pregnancy Rumors

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Fans are continuing to speculate that Halle Bailey is pregnant following her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

On Tuesday (September 12), Halle joined her sister, Chloe Bailey, as a presenter at the VMA's, introducing a performance by Maneskin.

The Little Mermaid star shared photos on Instagram of her VMA outfit, a loose, orange halter gown with pleats.

Fans quickly filled Halle's comment section with pregnancy theories.

"Looks gorgeous but definitely hiding that belly," one Instagram user commented.

"This!" another chimed in. "It’s def no Halle shade, but she’s been wearing oversized outfits and posing in ways to hide her tummy for a few weeks now.., we can tell lol!"

"Guess we gotta wait for the official announcement," a third user quipped.

Rumors of Halle expecting a child with rapper and YouTuber DDG, who she's been publicly dating since March 2022, began swirling last month. Halle was spotted in the back of one of DDG's YouTube with what fans said looked like a baby bump.

Fans also called attention to Halle's alleged baby bump when she attended a Beyoncé concert. Others pointed to a video of Halle covering her stomach as she took a picture with a fan.

See more about fan speculation about Halle being pregnant below.

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