This Is The Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipe In Michigan This Year

Multi generation mixed race family raise their glasses to make a toast at their Thanksgiving dinner table

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing. Some people like to keep their holiday dinners simple by serving the same traditional Thanksgiving dishes every year, such as turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Others are looking to spice things up for 2022.

YorkTest compiled a list of the most popular Thanksgiving recipes in every state this year. Here's the methodology behind their state-by-state breakdown:

"YorkTest analyzed Google Keyword Planner data from the US over the course of a year, to determine which Thanksgiving recipes have had the biggest change in searches, to reveal the most popular Thanksgiving recipes for 2022. Data up to date as of November 2022."

Although (unfortunately for some) turkey remains the go-to centerpiece for many family's Thanksgiving feasts, the biggest rise in searches across America is baked brie, according to YorkTest. The dish saw a 3,883 percent increase in searches compared to last year.

But as we all know, everyone celebrates turkey day differently. According to YorkTest, the most popular recipe in Michigan this year is turkey soup. The dish has a 91 percent increase in appetite for 2022.

According to Endless Meal, "Making homemade turkey soup after your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is super easy and a delicious way to use all the leftovers. This is the basic, easy homemade turkey soup recipe you remember your mom making. It's delicious!" If you're looking to incorporate the dish into your Thanksgiving dinner this year, check out this recipe for easy turkey soup from Endless Meal.

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