Kyrie Irving Donates $65K To Shanquella Robinson's Family Amid FBI Probe

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NBA star Kyrie Irving is financially assisting the family of Shanquella Robinson amid the FBI's investigation into her mysterious death in Los Cabos, Mexico.

On Friday (November 18), a spokesperson for Irving confirmed social media speculation that a $65,000 donation spotted on the Robinson family's GoFundMe page came from the Brooklyn Nets guard, per Yahoo News.

The family started the fundraising campaign after Shanquella, a 25-year-old North Carolina native, was found dead on October 29 inside a Los Cabos property she rented with a group of people who reportedly were her "friends." Members of the group claimed that the woman had died of alcohol poisoning one day into the trip taken to celebrate a friend's birthday.

However, an autopsy report seemingly contradicted their claims, citing that the 25-year-old suffered a broken neck and trauma to her back. Suspicion further increased when a video emerged of one woman in the group violently beating a naked Shanquella in what appeared to be their rental property.

The family has continued to raise on their GoFundMe page, which has reached over $350,000 due in part to Irving's donation, as they face "tremendous unexpected financial burden and a great deal of pain" from funeral arrangements and legal fees.

The FBI has also gotten involved, officially launching an investigation on Thursday (November 17) into Shanquella’s death, which has already been classified by the attorney general in Mexico as femicide, a form of a gender-based hate crime.

Bernard Robinson, Shanquella's father, spoke out Friday (November 18) about his daughter's death, saying he believes she was attacked.

“They just put a hole in my heart. That was my only child. I’m just heartbroken, ma’am," the father said, per TMZ. "You know, I can’t even be a grandaddy, can’t walk her down the aisle, can’t hear her voice, can’t hear her say daddy… Y’all just don’t know, y’all just don’t know what that has done to me.”

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