Lisa Bonet Breaks Silence About Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Allegations

After years of Bill Cosby facing sexual assault allegations from multiple women, actress Lisa Bonet has finally broken her silence about her TV father in a new interview. 

As we all know, Bonet is popular for playing the beloved Cosby kid Denise Huxtable on both "The Cosby Show" and its spinoff, "A Different World." Many rumors have circulated over the years that Bonet and Cosby had a very... interesting relationship on the set of his TV show. It was speculated that the two didn't get along and Cosby often disagreed with many things that Bonet did in her personal life, such as posing topless for Interview magazine, marrying recording artist Lenny Kravitz and starring in the movie Angel Heart, where Bonet had to be in a nude scene with actor Mickey Rourke.

While speaking to Net-A-Porter, the actress said that although she never knew about Cosby's alleged assaults, she always felt an odd vibe from him. “But…There was just energy. And that type of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed,” Bonet said. 

When asked if she felt the weird vibe, she replied: “Always. And if I had anything more to reveal, then it would have happened a long time ago. That’s my nature. The truth will set you free.” Bonet added about Cosby and his legal troubles: “I don’t need to say, ‘I told you so.’ I just leave all that to karma and justice and what will be.”

The disgraced comedian's sexual assault retrial is set for April 2018. The first one, which occurred back in 2017, ended in a hung jury. 

Photo: Getty Images

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